November 2022 Playiit and Musical-u special

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Enjoy lifetime membership to the program. Gain full access to the play-along video database for the life of the service. If you would like to pay for lifetime membership via credit card (instead of Paypal),  please drop me a line at and I will send you a link.

Are you looking for a quick and fun way to improve your guitar playing but have no idea where to start?

With Playiit you can learn and play songs on the guitar faster and have more fun than ever before. Play the songs you love and experience a new way of playing guitar.

Playiit has a growing database of over 1200 well-known songs. Each song includes a karaoke-style play-along video, with scrolling chords and lyrics, guitar and ukulele chord shapes, chord and lyric charts, as well as song information such as chords used, tempo, key, genre and capo.

  • It is easy to find songs to play using the search and filter functions
  • You can download the play-along videos and chord charts to use offline
  • Using the karaoke-style video you can follow chords and lyrics that move along as the song is being played
  • If you are a Band-in-a-Box user, there are also over 220 Band-in-a-Box SGU files

Musical-u and Playiit are offering you a special 50% discount on the Once off Playiit membership for  November 2022.

Enter the discount code “November” on checkout to get once off membership for only $50 (normal price is $100).

There is an unconditional 30-day guarantee. If you think the program is not for you, send an email to before the 13th of December 2022 and I will immediately issue a refund. No questions asked.


Play-along Videos

Access a database of thousands of play along-videos of popular songs with scrolling chords and lyrics


Download your favourite videos as well as chords and lyrics to your device.

Band-in-a-Box Files

Download hundreds of ready-made Band-in-a-Box SGU files of popular songs with chords and lyrics

Chords and Lyrics

All songs have chord and lyric charts as well as a link to my personal Tabs on Ultimate Guitar

Exclusive Content

Access exclusive play-along videos and songs that are not available on YouTube

Search Sort and Filter

Use criteria such as genre, key, no capo, artist, level and number of chords to find songs you want to play

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