“Edge of Seventeen” is a song by American singer-songwriter Stevie Nicks, which was released as a single in 1982 and later included on her debut solo album “Bella Donna”. The song is widely regarded as one of Nicks’ signature tunes and has become a classic rock staple.

The lyrics of “Edge of Seventeen” were inspired by the death of John Lennon and the emotions Nicks felt at the time. The title of the song refers to the age of 17, which Nicks describes as a time of transition from youth to adulthood. The song features a memorable guitar riff and a driving beat, which contribute to its energetic and anthemic feel.

“Edge of Seventeen” has been covered by a number of artists over the years, and has been used in various films and TV shows. It has also been referenced in popular culture, including in the song “White Liar” by Miranda Lambert and in the movie “School of Rock”.

Stevie Nicks first rose to fame as a member of the rock band Fleetwood Mac. She joined the band in 1975 and contributed to some of their most popular albums, including “Rumours” and “Tusk”. Nicks’ distinctive voice and songwriting style helped to define Fleetwood Mac’s sound, and she wrote many of their most beloved songs, including “Dreams”, “Rhiannon”, and “Landslide”.

In addition to her work with Fleetwood Mac, Nicks has also had a successful solo career. She released her debut solo album, “Bella Donna”, in 1981, which included the hit songs “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” and “Leather and Lace”. She has since released several more solo albums, including “The Wild Heart” and “Trouble in Shangri-La”.

Throughout her career, Nicks has been known for her unique fashion sense and bohemian style. She has also been a vocal advocate for women’s rights and has been open about her struggles with drug addiction.

Today, Nicks is considered a rock icon and continues to tour and record new music. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Fleetwood Mac in 1998, and was inducted again as a solo artist in 2019.